Earl Creps' Podcast
A podcast presentation from the speaking ministry of Earl Creps, Pastor of 360church in Berkeley, CA.

Drawn from Matthew 1, this talk by Earl Creps given on 12.18.11 draws the distinction between the Retail and Disciplinary versions of Jesus promoted by culture and Immanuel--God with Us.

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This talk given by Jeff Sandstrom at 360church on 11.27.11 places the book of Leviticus in the context of God's plan to extend mercy and forgiveness to all people in Jesus.

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This talk, given at 360church on 11.20.11, uses the life of Israel's most famous king as portrayed in 1 and 2 Samuel to spell out one of life's most crucial questions: do I want  to live as a servant or as a king?

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Drawn from Ecclesiastes 12, this talk by Janet Creps given at 360church on 11.13.11, focuses on the power of the choices we make now to form the person we become later.

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Three Cups

Is faith really possible in a world filled with skepticism where even the best known scientific researchers sometimes turn out to be frauds? This talk given at 360church on 11.6.11 uses the metaphor of "3 cups" to unpack the potential for faith found in 2 Peter 1.

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Drawn from Jesus' enconter with a rich young man in Mark 10, this talk given at 360church on 10.30.11 deals with Jesus' unconditional love in a world that demands conditions.

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Sean Smith delivered this powerful talk on Revival in Berkeley on Sunday Oct 23, 2011 at 360church during our first "Overflow" service.

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Based on John 1, this talk given at 360church reflects on the ways in which a Christ follower's invitation to others must resemble God's invitation to us.

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A talk from John 5 given at 360church on 10.9.11 dealing with the relationship of the Old Testament to the New and how the two parts function together to point to Christ.

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This talk from Acts 1 by Earl Creps at 360church deals with the difference between living the Kingdom vs. doing a church.

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This talk was given at 360church in Berkeley, CA and deals with the temptation to judge others because we are confident in our own righteousness.

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This talk by Earl Creps at 360church in Berkeley, CA on 9/4/11 is from Jesus' words "It is finished" in John 19. The talk focuses on the power of Jesus' death both to complete us and to change us.

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This talk on "The Curse of Creativity" from Luke 14 was given by Earl Creps on 8/28/11 at the Grand Opening of 360church in Berkeley, California.

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