Earl Creps' Podcast
A podcast presentation from the speaking ministry of Earl Creps, Pastor of 360church in Berkeley, CA.

How do church insiders relate to cultural "outsiders"? Drawn from Colossians 4, this talk given on 2.26.12 at 360church unpacks Paul's instructions to the church at Colossae on this critical issue.

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Dr. Janet Creps presented this talk at 360church on 2.19.12. Drawn from Acts 4 it deals with the ways in which followers of Jesus need to react to the forces of intimidation.

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Comparing the lives of Judas Iscariot and Peter, this talk given on 2.12.12 at 360church, deals with the critical issue of how we handle second chances.

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Our lives are shaped by defining moments that change everything. This talk given at 360church on 2.5.12 draws on the life of Jesus for insights into navigating these critical seasons.

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