Earl Creps' Podcast
A podcast presentation from the speaking ministry of Earl Creps, Pastor of 360church in Berkeley, CA.

Part 2 of the 360church series on 1 John, this talk asks what happens to our lives when they are illuminated by God through faith in Jesus.

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This talk given at 360church in Berkeley is taken from 1 John and asks if "God Is Life," how would we know if we are alive?

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Thomas' encounter with the resurrected Jesus in John 20 is the source of this Easter talk given at 360church on the process of developing three-dimenstional faith.

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This Palm Sunday talk by Earl Creps at 360church is set in the John 12 description of Jesus' "Triumphal Entry" into Jerusalm and encourages us to let Jesus make the same kind of entrance into our lives.

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