Earl Creps' Podcast
A podcast presentation from the speaking ministry of Earl Creps, Pastor of 360church in Berkeley, CA.

This talk by Earl Creps is Pt 1 of the "Transitions" series at 360church. Based on Acts 13 and featuring an interview with Jeff Sandstrom, the talk emphasizes that the work of the Spirit to send people out with the good news about Jesus is not the exception, but "The New Normal."

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This talk by Jeff Sandstrom is Pt 4 in the 360church "Best Practices" series. To have the things we need, sometimes we give up the things we want.

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Part 4 of our "Best Practices" series, this talk from Romans by Dr. Janet Creps spells out the great things that can happen if we open the doors of our homes and lives.

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Part 4 of the "Best Practices" series, this talk from 1 John 3 tools out the tangible forms that love takes when it takes notice of the needs of others.

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Part 1 of the "Best Practice" series, this talk at 360church is taken from 2 Corinthians 9 and deals with the role of Generosity in producing a life of enduring fruitfulness.

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