Earl Creps' Podcast
A podcast presentation from the speaking ministry of Earl Creps, Pastor of 360church in Berkeley, CA.

What would the universe be if you were God? This second installment of the "And Then?" series deals with the unthinkable: hell. How could it be possible? How could a loving God allow it? What can be done about it?

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This talk given at Berkeley's 360church begins a series called "And Then...?" focused on the life-changing effect of valuing eternal things over transient things. Death is one of the first answers to the "And Then...?" question, so live in a way that will make people laugh when they remember you that the funeral.

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This talk was given at Berkeley's 360church on 9.27.15 as part 4 of our 1 Corinthians series. The teaching addresses the question of how Christians make decisions on issues in culture that are not clear-cut.

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