Earl Creps' Podcast
A podcast presentation from the speaking ministry of Earl Creps, Pastor of 360church in Berkeley, CA.

A radio interview deals with the influence of my personal spiritual journey on the professional journey that has brought me back into higher education for the third time as Director of Northwest University's Center for Leadership Studies.

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Based on the 5 dream sequences in Matthew 2, this talk describes the role and function of dreaming in the Bible and asks, "what is your dream?"

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This talk lays out the biblical lifestyle of gratitude and offers guidance on owning this super power in our lives.

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In the aftermath of the 2016 election this talk asks what the election says about us as a nation and how we navigate our new political terrain form a biblical perspective.

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This talk explores the way the small story of our lives (trailer) can lead people to the large story of the Gospel (the movie). 

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Everybody wants love, but no one seems to know exactly what it is. Drawn from 1 John, this talk presents a biblical definition of love and delves into why that matters.

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Based on the Tower of Babel story in Genesis, this talk challenges us to consider what we are building and why.

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Drawn from Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan, this talk focuses on the way faith can grow out of questions and then be made practical in love.

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Jesus' parable of the wedding feast teaches humility, not as a personality or an attitude, but as a radical choice.

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Drawn from Jesus' teaching on judgment, this talk suggests a new "algorithm" for knowing how and when judgment is called for.

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Drawing from 1 John 1, this talk deals with the crucial role of confession as the immune system of spiritual life, keeping us healthy and protecting us from threats.

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In the wake of the Orlando shootings we have to ask how people of faith should react. How do we become peacemakers and receive the blessing Jesus promised?

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If huge tech companies offer us a dream lifestyle, does faith in Jesus add any value? If so what it is?

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Based on Jesus' teaching, this talk encourages both single and married people to consider the relationship as it was "in the beginning" when God created it.

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Drawn from Jesus description of John the Baptist, this talk emphasizes the power of receiving and affirming God's purposes for our lives.

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When believers come together in worship, the presence of God makes every aspect of our lives a candidate for change.

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This talk is drawn from Colossians 3 and deals with how to make Jesus at home in our hearts.

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Drawn from Peter's teaching on being the people of God in hard times, the talk describes our first job as not making things worse! Without that, our other efforts mean little.

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This talk is based on Jesus' gathering the 12 around the broken bread and the cup at the Last Supper signifying the new community his sacrifice would create, and offering a seat at the table to anyone who will respond, a place that gives meaning to all the other tables at which we sit.

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As the disciples argue over who is the greatest, Jesus teaches a life-changing lesson on servanthood by washing their feet--24 feet. Hours before his crucifixion he establishes his identity, his Lordship and his compassion--with a towel and a basin, the same assets he offers us.

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The "Downtown Jesus" series asks "what does Jesus bring to cities?" One of his contributions is the power to confront systemic unrighteousness and injustice as he did with of whip of cords in the temple, a responsibility now shared by the Church.

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What does Jesus have to say to cities? Is Christian faith even necessary in urban areas? The Downtown Jesus series of talks examines the 4 things Jesus brought to the city of Jerusalem as he was on his way to the cross. The church must bring these elements to the city today. Part one: tears for the city.

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This talk is from 360's first Sunday in our new location, the East Bay Media Center, differentiating the congregations brand: what it is and what it is not.

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The record of Abraham's walk with God in Genesis offers so many lessons. This talk at Berkeley's 360church describes the journey's destination as the beginning of a new journey.

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Drawn from the life of Abraham, this talk deals with the role of testing our lives, why it occurs and how it functions to bring God's plans to fulfillment.

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Araham's journey of faith begins with one simple word: "Go". This talk given at Berkeley's 360church draws the distinction between static faith (about holding on) and dynamic faith (about hitting the road with God).

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This final installment in our "And Then...?" series raises the unthinkable question: how does the world end? The rapture of the church and the return of Christ are our "blessed hope." It's not an end, it's a beginning.

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What would the universe be if you were God? This second installment of the "And Then?" series deals with the unthinkable: hell. How could it be possible? How could a loving God allow it? What can be done about it?

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This talk given at Berkeley's 360church begins a series called "And Then...?" focused on the life-changing effect of valuing eternal things over transient things. Death is one of the first answers to the "And Then...?" question, so live in a way that will make people laugh when they remember you that the funeral.

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This talk was given at Berkeley's 360church on 9.27.15 as part 4 of our 1 Corinthians series. The teaching addresses the question of how Christians make decisions on issues in culture that are not clear-cut.

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This talk given at Berkeley's 360church is Part 3 of the "Christian Normal" series and deals with how believers can thrive in times of shocking change and how their relationships can continue to function in a healthy way.

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This talk given at Berkeley's 360church deals with the ways in which culture imports a factious, "beefing" spirit into Christian faith communities, and offers steps to the kind of humliity that is our only defense.

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This talk given at Berkeley's 360church on September 6, 2015 opens a series on 1 Corinthians that asks how we can contribute to and enjoy culture without being overwhelmed by it.

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This talk given at Berkeley's 360church on August 23, 2015 continues our "7th Day" series by asking why we are so bold as to ask people for their money on Sunday morning.

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Given at Berkeley's 360church, this talk is part of the "7th Day" series investigating why Christians do what they do on Sunday mornings. Earl asks "why are there sermons?", unpacking the biblical and cultural history of preaching and tracing both upstream to the source.

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Complaining. We all do it. But what happens when we complain to God? Moses found out. This talk, given at Berkeley's 360church, unpacks Moses' complaint conversations with the Lord, and recommend we do the same!

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Need your life changed? Jesus did that every day with his astounding teachings. This talk, given at Berkeley's 360church, portrays how He did it then, and how He still does the same today.

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This talk, given at Berkeley's 360church, takes on an issue we here little about: exorcism. Jesus delivered deomonized people on a regular basis. Deliverance was His "normal," and should be ours.

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This talk at Berkeley's 360church is drawn from the gospel of Mark as asks what was Jesus' core message and how does it change everything?

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This talk at Berkeley's 360church is from the book of Mark and asks exactly what Jesus calls people to do and the way the world would change if they did it.

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This talk given at Berkeley's 360church is drawn from the book of James and compares the power of acceptance with the destructive effects of favoritism in faith communities.

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This talk at 360church, given on 4/19/15 is Part 3 of my series on "James: True Religion." The talk contrasts thinking about Wisdom as "konwledge" or "problem-solving" with the power of living it as a Spiritual Discipline.

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This talk from James 1 given at 360church contrasts the benefits of "counting" joy with the futility of "chasing" happiness when we face trials.

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Drawn from Luke 24, this talk unpacks Jesus' post-resurrection visit to his frightened and doubting disciples. When He's in the room, everything changes.

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How do we live in the Kingdom of God? This talk eaxmines the trade-off between what we want and what we need as the starting point of that life.

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This talk asks how we can cleanse our mental pocesses so they become life-giving and faith-filled.

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This talk given at Berkeley's 360church is Part 1 of the "#Purity" series and asks what is a pure heart and how can I get one?

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This talk by Dr. Earl Creps at Berkeley's 360church is based on The Lord's Prayer and asks why we should pray? One big reason: it's the only way to get us to stop our crazy lives long enough to connect with God.

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This from John 20 talk is Part 1 of the 360church month of Missions. Are we sent or stuck?

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This talk provides a survey of the major themes of the Old Testament.

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This talk by Dr. Janet Creps deals with how the Bible can be applied in life-giving ways.

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Drawn from the Book of Psalms, this talk focuses on the engaging the Scriptures not just to read them, but to love them.

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Part 3 of the 360church Month of Prayer series, this talk from Luke 18 encourages us to bring our lvies to God, not just our words.

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Part 1 of the 360church Month of Prayer series, this talk from Luke 11 focuses on Jesus' teaching the disciples how to make prayer a defining feature of the group's culture, rather than just adding minutes to individual daily devotions.

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Dr. Janet Creps' talk on the life of Anna (one of "The Other Guys" seldom mentioned in discussion of the Incarnation) focuses on the question of what we can expect from God now that Jesus has come. This is Part 3 in TOG series.

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Simeon is one of "The Other Guys" in the narrative of the Incarnation. He plays a vital role, but is largely unknown. This talk highlights the power of simply "being there" when God does the things that only God can do.

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Based on the life of John the Baptist, this talk launches the Christmas season at 360church on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, just as retail launches its season on Friday of the same weekend.

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This Thanksgiving talk at 360church is drawn from the story of the 10 lepers in Luke 17 and challenges the notion that gratitude is an "attitude." So what is it?

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This talk given at 360church is based on Acts 16 and asks what practical assets does faith offer us in the real world?

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Based on the book of 1 Corinthians, this talk at 360church deals with the task of the church to represent God to the world by being a paradox, rather than a contradiction or a dilemma.

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This talk by Byron Klaus from the book of Philemon deals with the question of how the gospel changes both individual people and the social structures in which they live.

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This midweek talk at 360church by Dr. Byron Klaus, drawn from the Exodus 33 account of Moses' leadership, challenges us to avoid substituting our abilities for God's power.

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Part 3 of the 360church "Holy Spirit" series, this talk from Acts 1 explores the ways in which the Holy Spirit made the good news about Jewsus "viral" both in the ancient world and today.

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Part 1 of the 360church "Holy Spirit" series, this talk by Janet Creps unpacks the importance of receiving the Spirit's power.

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Part 1 of the 360church "Holy Spirit" series, this talk by Alan Weissenbacher deals with the ways the gifts of the Spirit shape our service to God and the world.

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Part 4 of the 360church "Faith and Culture" series, this talk from Acts 17 compares Paul's sermon to the Areopagus to the possibilities for the Christian faith in a post-everything, pluralistic city like Berkeley.

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Part 3 in the 360church "Faith and Culture" series, this talk by Marc Madrigal from 1 Corinthians 10 explores whether the purpose of our technology is serving others or serving ourselves.

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Part 2 of the 360church "Faith & Culture" series, this talk by Alan Weissenbacher deals with the question of whether science and faith are doomed to be enemies.

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Part 1 of the 360church series of the same title, this talk based on Acts 17 draws out two questions posed by culture that Christians must be prepared to answer in word and conduct.

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Part 5 of the 360church "Transitions" series, this talk by Earl & Janet Creps desbribes how Christian marriage in some ways chages everything and in other ways changes nothing.

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This talk by Jeff Sandstrom was given at 360church on Jeff & Ericka's last Sunday before heading home to Illinois to start a new congregation. 

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Part 2 of the 360church "Transitions" series, this talk from Colossians 1 draws the distinction between life in a domain ruled by me vs. a Kingdom ruled by God.

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This talk by Earl Creps is Pt 1 of the "Transitions" series at 360church. Based on Acts 13 and featuring an interview with Jeff Sandstrom, the talk emphasizes that the work of the Spirit to send people out with the good news about Jesus is not the exception, but "The New Normal."

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This talk by Jeff Sandstrom is Pt 4 in the 360church "Best Practices" series. To have the things we need, sometimes we give up the things we want.

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Part 4 of our "Best Practices" series, this talk from Romans by Dr. Janet Creps spells out the great things that can happen if we open the doors of our homes and lives.

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Part 4 of the "Best Practices" series, this talk from 1 John 3 tools out the tangible forms that love takes when it takes notice of the needs of others.

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Part 1 of the "Best Practice" series, this talk at 360church is taken from 2 Corinthians 9 and deals with the role of Generosity in producing a life of enduring fruitfulness.

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Part 4 of the "Why Can't We All Just Get Along?" series from Matthew 18, this talk at 360church deals with the gift of forgiveness we can give to others "from the heart." 

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Part 4 of the "Why Can't We All Just Get Along Series" from Matthew 18, this talk at 360church works through Jesus teaching on how to confront those in a faith community who wander into sin.

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Part 2 of the "Why Can't We All Just Get Along?" series from Matthew 18, this talk uses the film 127 Hours to illustrate Jesus teaching on the painful necessity of dealing with sin.

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This talk at 360church is Part 1 of a series from Matthew 18 called "Can't We All Just Get Along?" It distinguishes between a life of child-like humility and a life spent polishing our own millstones.

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Part 3 of the "What's the Plan?" series from 360church, this talk drawn from 1 Thess. 5 considers how we can live out God's will in between the "highlight" moments of life.

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Part 2 of the "What's the Plan" series at 360church, this talk lays out the rationale for home bible studies from Acts 2. The title is taken from the most popular course at Cal, "Physics for Future Presidents."

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This talk by Jeff Sandstrom is Pt 1 of the "What's the Plan?" series from 360church (Berkeley, CA) and deals with the issue of defining God's plan for our lives.

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Part 2 of the 360church series on 1 John, this talk asks what happens to our lives when they are illuminated by God through faith in Jesus.

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This talk given at 360church in Berkeley is taken from 1 John and asks if "God Is Life," how would we know if we are alive?

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Thomas' encounter with the resurrected Jesus in John 20 is the source of this Easter talk given at 360church on the process of developing three-dimenstional faith.

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This Palm Sunday talk by Earl Creps at 360church is set in the John 12 description of Jesus' "Triumphal Entry" into Jerusalm and encourages us to let Jesus make the same kind of entrance into our lives.

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Drawn from Psalm 57, this talk by Earl Creps is Part 4 of The Creative Life series at 360church and deals with the ways faith turns fear into worship.

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Part 2 of "The Creative Life," this talk explores Jesus' response in Matthew 20 to followers who asked for positions of special privilege, offering them a life of sacrifice and servanthood instead.

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Based on Jesus' teaching in Matthew 6, this talk is Part 1 in the series, "Navigating the Creative Life." It focuses on Jesus' challenging of the comfortable assumption that we can acquire and manage our stuff with no concern for anyone but ourselves.

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How do church insiders relate to cultural "outsiders"? Drawn from Colossians 4, this talk given on 2.26.12 at 360church unpacks Paul's instructions to the church at Colossae on this critical issue.

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Dr. Janet Creps presented this talk at 360church on 2.19.12. Drawn from Acts 4 it deals with the ways in which followers of Jesus need to react to the forces of intimidation.

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Comparing the lives of Judas Iscariot and Peter, this talk given on 2.12.12 at 360church, deals with the critical issue of how we handle second chances.

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Our lives are shaped by defining moments that change everything. This talk given at 360church on 2.5.12 draws on the life of Jesus for insights into navigating these critical seasons.

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This talk given at 360church on 1.29.12 provides a status report on the congregation's life and work, as well as dreams for the future.

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Given at 360church on 1.22.12, this talk is drawn from Acts 8 and Luke 24 and deals with the threat that Scripture reading poses to mediocrity, stale piety, and selfishness.

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This talk by Dr. Janet Creps drawn from the book of Genesis reveals the power of God's presence to transform us as illustated in Jacob's dream encounter at Bethel.

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Drawn from Matthew's account of Jesus' birth, this talk given at 360church on 1.1.12 deals with the role of dreams in moving God's plan forward.

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Drawn from Matthew 1, this talk by Earl Creps given on 12.18.11 draws the distinction between the Retail and Disciplinary versions of Jesus promoted by culture and Immanuel--God with Us.

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This talk given by Jeff Sandstrom at 360church on 11.27.11 places the book of Leviticus in the context of God's plan to extend mercy and forgiveness to all people in Jesus.

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This talk, given at 360church on 11.20.11, uses the life of Israel's most famous king as portrayed in 1 and 2 Samuel to spell out one of life's most crucial questions: do I want  to live as a servant or as a king?

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Drawn from Ecclesiastes 12, this talk by Janet Creps given at 360church on 11.13.11, focuses on the power of the choices we make now to form the person we become later.

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Three Cups

Is faith really possible in a world filled with skepticism where even the best known scientific researchers sometimes turn out to be frauds? This talk given at 360church on 11.6.11 uses the metaphor of "3 cups" to unpack the potential for faith found in 2 Peter 1.

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Drawn from Jesus' enconter with a rich young man in Mark 10, this talk given at 360church on 10.30.11 deals with Jesus' unconditional love in a world that demands conditions.

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Sean Smith delivered this powerful talk on Revival in Berkeley on Sunday Oct 23, 2011 at 360church during our first "Overflow" service.

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Based on John 1, this talk given at 360church reflects on the ways in which a Christ follower's invitation to others must resemble God's invitation to us.

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A talk from John 5 given at 360church on 10.9.11 dealing with the relationship of the Old Testament to the New and how the two parts function together to point to Christ.

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This talk from Acts 1 by Earl Creps at 360church deals with the difference between living the Kingdom vs. doing a church.

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This talk was given at 360church in Berkeley, CA and deals with the temptation to judge others because we are confident in our own righteousness.

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This talk by Earl Creps at 360church in Berkeley, CA on 9/4/11 is from Jesus' words "It is finished" in John 19. The talk focuses on the power of Jesus' death both to complete us and to change us.

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This talk on "The Curse of Creativity" from Luke 14 was given by Earl Creps on 8/28/11 at the Grand Opening of 360church in Berkeley, California.

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Based on the story of the Macedonian man in Acts 16, this talk deals with how God strips us of our defenses until we can respond to a vision rather than just developing a strategy. Our church planting adventure is seen through this lens. The talk was presented at The House, the young adult ministry of 1st AoG, North Little Rock, AR in June of 2008. The House is led by my friend Randy Jumper.
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Paul's sermon on Mars Hill is unique. But what prepares a person to engage culture this way? Drawing from Acts 17, this talk deals with several things we need to believe about ourselves in order to cultivate the Missionary Self-Image needed to reach out to others in our context. The video that accompanies this talk can be found at: http://www.earlcreps.com/article/berkeley-video-premiere
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This most recent update of our Berkeley adventure was hosted and recorded by my friend Tim Hohm in April of 2008 and included Curt Harlow (West Coast Chi Alpha), my wife Janet, and me.
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"Ministry to Cultural Creatives" is my title for the first session at the NorCal-Nevada District's 2007 Lay Leadership Summit. About 40 million C-Creatives basically invent the future. They are somewhat less interested in church.
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Tim Hohm (RevTim.com) interviewed me on November 3, 2007 via Skype for the second chapter of "The Berkeley Church Planting Journey," a podcast series that chronicles our journey to the East Bay for the purpose of starting a campus church near Cal.
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Joel Triska describes the journey that brought he and his wife Rachel to AGTS and the results of the chance they took on seminary education.
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Todays Pentecostal Evangel Berkeley Podcast In September of 2007, my friend Ken Horn, Managing Editor of Today's Pentecostal Evangel (the AoG national magazine) interviewed me for a podcast updating our church planting project in Berkeley.
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"Walk with Me" is talk based on Luke's account of the Emmaus road. Given at The Bridge in Mustang, OK, the theme of the talk is reaching out to others by walking beside them in life.
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Tim Hohm, an early and influential Christian podcaster, and pastor Central Assembly (AoG) in El Sobrante, CA recorded this podcast with me over Skype in August 2007. It is the first of several installments that will tell the story of the church that my wife Janet and I will start in Berkeley, CA.
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A talk dealing with the sacrifices involved in missional ministry; drawn from the Acts account of the circumcision of Timothy and based on chapter 11 in my book, Off-Road Disciplines. The talk was given at our "other church home," The Oaks Fellowship in Red Oak, Texas on June 10, 2007.
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Three types of "churches gone wrong" that I have witnessed around the country are described in this talk given at the Oklahoma (AoG) District Church Ministries Conference
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A talk from the Target 07 Youth Pastors Conference (Rockford 1st AoG) dealing with the challenge of doing incarnational student ministry. FX: I take live questions delivered by texting.
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This brief manuscript talk was given as a response to the 2007 AGTS D.Min. Project Symposium. It reflects on the thirteen projects written, and offers a formal statement on one very important part of my ministry philosophy: the discipline of being incarnational.
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A talk from the 2007 Big Sky SALT conference deals with Jesus' proclamation of the Kingdom of God as the "real" world vs. the "movie set" world to which we so easily attach ourselves.
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This teaching on Reverse Mentoring was presented to a group of AoG ministers in Ohio and features an interview with our friends (and R-mentors) Eric and Leila Ojala, AoG church planters in Summit County, Colorado.
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Based on a term suggested to me by a pastor in Ohio ("Sentacostals") this talk for a group of  AoG ministers describes the meaning of Pentecostal experience as rooted only in the mission of Jesus.
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Presented at the 2006 Ohio District Ministers Retreat, this is one version of a talk I've presented a lot on three generational subcultures within the American church and how they just might be able to get along.
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A workshop presented at the 2006 National Youth Workers Conference deals with the role of Pentecostalism in youth ministry.
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This talk was given at the Target 07 conference hosted by Rockford 1st AoG. It deals with emerging student subcultures and how missional youth minsitry can respond.
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An interview with DJ Chuang, Leadership Network's Director of Digital Initiatives on the reaction to Off-Road Disciplines four months after publication. This audio first appeared on LN's Book of the Month blog at:  http://books.leadnet.org/2007/01/interview_with_.html
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A reading of the Introduction to Off-Road Disciplines by the author.
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A podcast with Matt Green of Ministry Today recorded in October of 2006 discusses reverse mentoring as an off-road spiritual discipline.
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A sermon from Matthew 8 preached at the Oct. 4, 2006 AGTS Chapel service dealing with the need to priortize Christ above models of ministry. 
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This illlustrated talk was give at the Lift 05 Youth Pastors Conference hosted by The Oaks Fellowship in Red Oak, TX. Napoleon forever.
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This seminar was presented at the National Women in Ministry Conference on 3/11/04. I am attempting to provide an overview of postmodernism's influence on the cultural context in which Christian ministry occurs in the US.
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A sermon preached at the 3/18/03 AGTS Chapel service. I was pretty worked up that day about what it takes for leaders to speak for lost people within Christian ministries--because no one else will.
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This talk was presented at the 1/12/06 AGTS evening Chapel service. It deals with the predictable phases that believers walk through as they try to reconcile their local experience of the church (little "c") with the global claims of the universal Church (capital "C").
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This 9-minute interview about my book, Off-Road Disciplines, was recorded on 88.3 the WIND-FM (http://88.3thewind.com/) here in Springfield, Missouri on 9-18-06. Thanks to Station Manager Ben Birdsong for making the arrangements.
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S D of the ML is a sermon preached at Charlottesville (VA) First Assembly in September of 2005. This talk deals with the kinds of personal spiritual practices that form a missional heart within a believer.

A sermon given at Hope Community Church in December of 2005 about the ways in which God converts our original purposes to conform  to his ultimate plan.

Home Field Disadvantage is talk I did at Hope Community Church in June 2006. It visits with the early Church in Jerusalem, and questions why, with Jesus' teaching + the power of the Spirit they never left town until persecution hit? Could it be that we are at our best away from our "home field?"
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A North Central University chapel service in February 2006 was the location for this talk on three visions of the Pentecostal future and some ways to shift from competing for market share to advancing the Kingdom.
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I spoke at Northwest University chapel in November 2005 and talked about how God forms us outside the "official" list of spiritual disciplines, like prayer and Bible reading. I'm bothered by meeting people who are pious and discipline proficient, but aren't good.
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This talk was presented at The Oaks Fellowship in November of 2005 and deals with the relationship between Paul and Timothy as a model for passing the baton of leadership from older to younger generations.
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A sermon preached at Rockpointe Community Church in August, 2006 that eavesdrops on Jesus' conversation with the woman at the well in John 4, exploring the difference between "grace" as an oppressive force that jams us into a religious box, and "grace" as the love of God filling our lives.
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