Earl Creps' Podcast
A podcast presentation from the speaking ministry of Earl Creps, Pastor of 360church in Berkeley, CA.
This brief manuscript talk was given as a response to the 2007 AGTS D.Min. Project Symposium. It reflects on the thirteen projects written, and offers a formal statement on one very important part of my ministry philosophy: the discipline of being incarnational.
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A talk from the 2007 Big Sky SALT conference deals with Jesus' proclamation of the Kingdom of God as the "real" world vs. the "movie set" world to which we so easily attach ourselves.
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This teaching on Reverse Mentoring was presented to a group of AoG ministers in Ohio and features an interview with our friends (and R-mentors) Eric and Leila Ojala, AoG church planters in Summit County, Colorado.
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Based on a term suggested to me by a pastor in Ohio ("Sentacostals") this talk for a group of  AoG ministers describes the meaning of Pentecostal experience as rooted only in the mission of Jesus.
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Presented at the 2006 Ohio District Ministers Retreat, this is one version of a talk I've presented a lot on three generational subcultures within the American church and how they just might be able to get along.
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A workshop presented at the 2006 National Youth Workers Conference deals with the role of Pentecostalism in youth ministry.
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This talk was given at the Target 07 conference hosted by Rockford 1st AoG. It deals with emerging student subcultures and how missional youth minsitry can respond.
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