Earl Creps' Podcast
A podcast presentation from the speaking ministry of Earl Creps, Pastor of 360church in Berkeley, CA.
Based on the story of the Macedonian man in Acts 16, this talk deals with how God strips us of our defenses until we can respond to a vision rather than just developing a strategy. Our church planting adventure is seen through this lens. The talk was presented at The House, the young adult ministry of 1st AoG, North Little Rock, AR in June of 2008. The House is led by my friend Randy Jumper.
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Paul's sermon on Mars Hill is unique. But what prepares a person to engage culture this way? Drawing from Acts 17, this talk deals with several things we need to believe about ourselves in order to cultivate the Missionary Self-Image needed to reach out to others in our context. The video that accompanies this talk can be found at: http://www.earlcreps.com/article/berkeley-video-premiere
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This most recent update of our Berkeley adventure was hosted and recorded by my friend Tim Hohm in April of 2008 and included Curt Harlow (West Coast Chi Alpha), my wife Janet, and me.
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